You’re lost while overlooked your charming babyboy

# tags: headcanons; newest dating; old!y/n; romance; lil little bit of comedy; fluff; some kisses and hugs; often viewer is actually smol or has an effective babyface and because regarding it she does not appears to be to your 3rd seasons or education; sfw

? Your practically never ever was basically here, you experienced shed, however decided to go on school and ask individuals having advice on gymnasium when it might be necessary.

? Thank Jesus, your seen three first decades who were only making the major strengthening. You greeted them and you will requested locations to go to satisfy brand new Karasuno volleyball cluster. Your actually fixed hair, smiling sweetly.

? Obviously, among the guys got a good nosebleed when he saw your together with other two blushed, pointing merely to the recommendations of your own side get off. After moving away from the 3 senior school youngsters, you simply were able to pay attention to the fresh new quiet ‘Wasn’t she a student or something like that?’, nevertheless didn’t have time to reply to that likely remark.

? Your finally reached the large fitness center, so you was in degree, therefore the black-haired woman noticed you since earliest. The team manager nodded within your, blushing furiously while the she knew you used to be a little while older than she was. (Kiyoko immediately recognized the institution layer out-of possession in your jacket regarding the Ladies’ School she wanted to go also.)

? “OOOOH. ” A low sound echoed from the fitness center and also you glanced from the this new son that have a shaved direct who was powering near you that have other a while small adolescent. “Are you A KIYOKO-SAN’S Pal?!”

Enjoy, Greet

? Your did not know very well what is actually going on immediately, and that means you told you ‘No’ and immediately been in search of the man you’re seeing. Thank God, Daichi had been walking near you, blushing as much as Kiyoko ahead of.

? “I wanted observe their training. Treat? In my opinion.” Your chuckled carefully since you moved over to your and you may offered your a hug to your cheek. “Just after your own training we are able to wade get some good dining, my personal dump, Captain.”

? Other class was amazed because a great) Daichi got a girlfriend; b) An adult lady; c) Extremely precious and you can little spouse whom ruled your in two freaking seconds.

? Just the 3rd age know on Suga’s connection with you, and so the remaining portion of the group didn’t know who you are when you approached on them from inside the Springtime Highest National Competition, asking they were is actually Karasuno High school group.

? Tanaka and you can Nishinoya got a beneficial nosebleed and you can fell deeply in love with you at first sight, while the very first many years failed to know very well what to state. You practically decided not to get along with her or him.

? “Umm, so… I suppose I mistook new High Schools, I am sorry.” You muttered awkwardly and involved to go out of if the libero rejected they and eliminated your.

? “Have you been their absolutely nothing sister? Aww, you might know me as Ryuu-senpai. I am pleased.” Your virtually spotted little minds traveling more than their head.

? “No. Not.” Your responded captivated and you may out of the blue felt a gentle scraping in your shoulder. You became, look up and you can immediately smiled after you saw the a couple of years younger sweetheart. Your kiss him firmly. “Koushi, child.”

She is actually sometime tall than just your, but she also appeared very lovely, so you beamed on their and you will greeted this lady, inquiring if you could anticipate Daichi

? “You did not have ahead. Anyway, you really have enough studies from the school.” The guy muttered, although his sound is very happy and he is actually therefore relieved that you’re right here having your.

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